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World of Eberron

Silver Flame

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The Church of the Silver Flame illuminates a way of life for millions of people across Khorvaire, represents the force that governs the nation of Thrane, and inspires bands of crusaders dedicated to exterminating evil from the face of Eberron. If mere membership in the church grants a comforting degree of faith and security, life as a crusader in its order of knights templar guarantees a career of excitement, virtue, and honor.


"As a refiner burns away all impurity from the ore, so shall the Silver Flame purify the world and its inhabitants."                                                                                   —Davienne of Sigilstar, halfling exorcist of the Silver Flame

Evil is everywhere, but that only strengthens your resolve to fight against it. Your faith in the Silver Flame drives you to wage unending war against the evil in the world, wherever it might be found—even if it lies within your adventuring party, your church, or yourself.


Joining the Church of the Silver Flame is a relatively simple matter. As a prospective member, you meet with a member of the clergy—sometimes one on one, sometimes in a small group with other worshipers—to learn the basics of the faith. When this teaching is complete, you are initiated into membership with a simple ritual, sometimes but not always scheduled to coincide with a major holy day of the church, such as the Ascension (1 Sypheros).

Joining the knights templar is more difficult. You must already be a member of the church, and you must secure a letter of recommendation from one member of each of the church's three orders—ministers, templars, and friars. The Council of Cardinals votes on which applications to approve. The process can be time-consuming, even if it is not especially rigorous.

Entry Requirements: 

Any good alignment,

Knowledge (religion) 5 ranks. 

 Members of all classes can gain admittance to the order of knights templar, though fighters, paladins, and clerics are most common. The order's primary duty is to meet evil head-on in combat, which practically serves as a definition for a good-aligned adventurer. Rogues, barbarians, monks, and rangers also combat evil with a clash of arms. Wizards, sorcerers, bards, and druids similarly use their magic to further the mission of the order.

Once accepted as a templar, you can expect to spend a week in a templar monastery, usually in Thrane, receiving your initial training. This training assumes that you have at least a basic grounding in the doctrines of the faith, and instead focuses on practical techniques for fighting evil creatures and discerning the influence of such creatures on other people.


Knights templar share a common goal: the eradication of evil from the world. Since most members of the order are not interested in self-aggrandizement, they willingly help their fellow members achieve their common goals to the fullest extent possible. At the same time, they have few enough resources for their own pursuits, and not much to share.

Goods: Upon acceptance into the order, you receive a small wooden case containing essential supplies for your work. This case holds four flasks of holy water, a silver holy symbol, a small prayer book containing rites and prayers relating to exorcism and protection (no game effect), two sharpened wooden stakes, and fifteen arrows—five with silvered heads, five with cold iron heads, and five with flametouched iron heads. As you use these supplies, you are responsible for restocking them.

Information: The basic t r a i n i n g you receive upon acceptance into the order of knights templar grants you a +2 circumstance bonus on Knowledge (the planes) or Knowledge (religion) checks you make to identify monsters and learn their capabilities and weaknesses. Other members of the order are experts on creatures of supernatural evil, with Knowledge skill modifiers ranging from +10 to +18.

Status: As a member of the order, you have the privilege of identifying yourself as a knight templar of the Silver Flame. You can properly be addressed with "Sir" or "Lady" preceding your given name, and you can wear a silver tabard identifying you as a member of the order. This status carries the most weight in Thrane, where it guarantees the good will of most citizens. Outside Thrane, it may provoke different responses. (See NPC Reactions, below.) Flame of Life.) You might also take ranks in Knowledge (religion) and Knowledge (the planes), even if those are cross-class skills for you, to reflect the ongoing training you receive in techniques to fight these creatures.

As you advance in levels, you might also want to consider a prestige class related to the Church of the Silver Flame, such as exorcist of the Silver Flame (from the EBERRON Campaign Setting) or silver pyromancer (from Five Nations). You might also consider related classes that are not specific to the church, including hunter of the dead or knight of the Chalice (from Complete Warrior), divine crusader or pious templar (from Complete Divine), shadowbane inquisitor or shadowbane stalker (from Complete Adventurer), or sacred purifier (from Libris Mortis).

Missions: You don't undertake trivial adventures for base purposes such as self-enrichment. An adventure, for you, is a mission: an opportunity to make a difference in the world, to advance the cause of the church or hinder the progress of evil, or preferably both. You have been identified as an agent the church can use in the world, so you might be sent on missions by the church, either with an explicitly spiritual goal or to advance the agenda of Thrane among the other nations of Khorvaire. Even if no one sends you, however, you go regardless—like a knight-errant, you seek out any opportunity to do battle with evil. Supernatural evil is your true foe. The undead, possessing devils, rampaging demons—you can slay these foes without hesitation or qualms. By their mere existence, they corrupt the world; by eliminating them, you help to make the world a better place.



Knowledge (geography)                                                                                                              DC 10: Thrane is a theocracy ruled by the Church of the Silver Flame.

DC 15: The head of both church and state is the Keeper of the Flame, currently a young girl named Jaela Daran. A Council of Cardinals does the work of government in her name.

Knowledge (religion)                                                                                                                  DC 10: The Church of the Silver Flame reveres a holy fire within the cathedral in Flamekeep, the capital of Thrane. The church teaches a life of purity and struggle against evil in all its forms.                            

DC 12: The church includes a large number of paladins and exorcists devoted to waging war on supernatural evil.                                                                                        

DC 15: The head of both church and state is the Keeper of the Flame, currently a young girl named Jaela Daran. A Council of Cardinals does the work of government in her name.       

DC 18: The church has been responsible for both great good and great evil throughout its relatively short history. It launched a crusade against lycanthropes that, by a century ago, had nearly eliminated all lycanthropes from K h o r v a i r e . Unfortunately, many innocents also died as a result of that inquisition.                                              

Knights Templar

Knowledge (religion)                                                                                                                   DC 10: The Church of the Silver Flame sponsors champions who go into the world to fight evil.                                                                                                                 

DC 15: The Church of the Silver Flame includes three orders of clergy: ministers who tend congregations, friars who spread the faith, and templars who fight evil in the flesh. These templars wear distinctive silver tabards.                                                              

DC 20: The silver-clad templars are dedicated to h u n t i n g undead and fiends, as well as exposing corruption wherever it is found—even within the church itself.                       

DC 30: Cardinal Baerdren ir'Davik is the current head of the knights templar. His seneschal Ofejjaia of Korth might have her eye on the cardinal's position.

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