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World of Eberron


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Continents of Eberron

Khorvaire is the most populated continent of the world, holding all manner of species. Originally ruled by the goblins until the Humans came about 3,000 years ago founding the original five nations. Then dragonmarks started to appear and the families formed the mercantile houses. The continent is now split into 18 nations or areas. Each is the home to many races, though one race is the predominant one, as well as hosting facilities for each house in almost every land.

The nations of Khorvaire in the current age are:
Breland, Zilargo, Darguun, Valenar, Q'barra, Talenta Plains, Mror Holds, Lhazaar Principalities, Karrnath, Thrane, The Mournland (formerly Cyre), Aundair, The Eldeen Reaches, The Demon Wastes, Shadow Marshes, and Droaam.

We won't be spending time on Khorvaire so my description of the continent will end there. Other information that will pertain, houses and such, will be covered further down.

Aeranel is the home to the elves, a magical land covered in mostly jungles. It is the only place that material such as bronzewood, densewood, soarwood and livewood. Darkwood also flourishes there.

Argonnessen is the land of the Dragons and is mostly a mystery to the rest of the world. No one that has attempted visit the land has returned with the tales. Except for the peoples of Seren Island just off the coast of Argonnessen. The Serens worship the Dragons and visit the continent to do some of their worshipping, which the Dragons are aware of and tolerate.

To the north of Khorvaire is Frostfell, the icy top of the world. The dwarves believe this is the land that their race originally came from.

Sarlona is the originally home of the Human race on Eberron, three thousand years ago the first settlers of Khorvaire set sail from here. Sarlona is now a land of mystery and dark tales due to the Inspired, who surfaced about fifteen hundred years ago. They are a group of psychic overlords that serve as vessel for the quori from the plane of Dal Quor.

Xen'drik is where we as players in DDO will be. To the south of Khorvaire and beyond the Thunder sea lays the mysterious continent. The continent was formerly home to a great race of giants whose society is now crumbled and lost. Ruins of their civilization hide within the jungles of Xen'drik. The continent is considered a lost continent by the rest of the world, only a small potion of it has been explored and it is a very large land mass.

Giants of all kinds still roam the mountains and jungles of Xen'drik, though they are primitive and dumb compared to their ancestors. The Aerenal elves also trace their roots to the continent, and the dark-skinned drow elves still live in the jungles of the continent, inhabiting the jungles themselves and some deserted ruins of the fallen giant civilization. Some Drow have also made their way into Khyber I believe, the Umbragen Drow.

The ring of Siberys that circles above Eberron occasional rains down Siberys dragonshards. When these dragonshards fall they fall onto the continent of Xen'drik, which is the only place to obtain the Syberus shards. Though they may fall on Argonnessen no one can say for sure.

A large trade city sits at the tip of Xen'driks northern peninsula, Stormreach. This is where we as players will be starting our life in DDO. Stormreach, formerly founded as a pirate hideout, now serves as the main stop for expeditions and explorers to the continent.

Dragonmarked houses all usually have agents on the continent; many have outposts and emporiums but not all.


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