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Time line starting from the migration to Aerenal


(towns are in personal rulership at this time)    

999 The Dragon Cult emerged and started gaining power

1001 A group defeat a gigantic monster that emerged from a cave.(some said the Dragon Cult was involved).Just before the beasts attacks another group defeated the Cult in side of another cave

1080 Sir Daniel became king of Reaper Haven

1086 orcs won the Orc/Elf war. The king of Reaper Haven was assassinated, and Queen Carla takes over rulership.

1087 The Emerald Claw first appear on Aerenal.

1089 The Emerald Claw begins taking over towns in an attempt to start the first kingdom          

1090 Baulder’s Gate defeats the Emerald Claw, thanks to Sir Lance Chode and his group,who then takes over the city using the old kings own men     

1095 The city of the Dead is built, and Baulders Gate is rebuilt with the help of skeletons. An unknown group of evil people kills their way thru the seven gates of hell killing the celestials that protected them to release Satan (an ancient god)    

(Dark Age)                                                                                          

1097 The followers of Satan launch attacks on the other religions while Satan himself launches attacks on the Gods themselves. Clerics loss there powers during the Dark Age

1100 A floating metal city attacks Cauldron, but the city is saved thanks to a group of adventures

1105 Eldeen gets a hold on the north portion of Aerenal, Sir Lance starts asking towns around him to join him effectively starting the Baulders Domain.

1110 The Free People Kingdom is set up. The Elven god Corellon Larethian was killed in battle against Satan, Elves everywhere noticed the loss even some Half-elves felt it.

1112 King Toby takes over Reaper Haven

1121 Huge metal giant comes from the ocean and attacks towns till finally being destroyed.

1122 An organization called The Shining Crusade starts opening in almost every town, except in the Baulder’s Domain.

1125 Henry Gorden II is named first Lord of Eldeen.

1132 The first Dragon mark house appears

1137 House Sivis (mark of scribing) finishes setting up in towns across the continent messages can be sent almost anywhere.

1140 The other Houses set up in major towns.

1143 Large earthquakes and the forming of a volcano produce the Ironroot Mountains over the next 10 years

1169 A large rock was seen falling from the sky and crashed in the water to south east of the continent. People also said the saw smaller rocks fall also

( Age of War)

1204 All cleric’s regain there powers(minus the few followers of Corellon)

1209 House Orien begins setting up the Lightning Rails, which they say will make travel much faster when done.

1210 Current year(monday)

1212 Current year(wednesday)




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